Giving back to the Community is a Matter of Concern.
Here, Mentor SoAI students and assist them
upscale their career life.

Become a Mentor

Mentees need a career direction. Your advice and input to newly graduates and entry level engineers would be a great help. Share all the tips through Bi-Weekly sessions from best practices, mistakes to avoid, to bringing innovativeness in the project.
Industry Information and Metrics
Let the mentees be aware of the latest industry metrics and the skills corporate is looking up for. This valuable information would prepare them for the upcoming positions and assist them in being a part of the growing industry.
Mentorship and Community
Be a Mentor and Counsel young minds to achieve their career goals and let them



You can be a Mentor


Time is something that we always try to be Perfect

Trainees look up for a personal touch and connection when they choose their mentor. Mentors act as a mirror to showcase the corporate world to the students. Therefore sharing valuable industry trends and insights is of utmost care. As a mentor, you will be contributing 1 to 3 hours of mentoring sessions with the trainees.


Your Experience

Sharing your moments of experience journey with the mentees aid them in stepping up to their career stages in a right way. Your experience journey with the failures and success help them make a defined and right career path, saving time and efficiency. Be an idol to the trainees.


Transparency & Openness

Students at SoAI Academy come from different backgrounds, possess different attitudes. One thing that unites them here is their Inner Urge to Learn and Explore their Potential, being Open and Transparent in sharing their thoughts and ideas with each other. Resulting in a Cooperative Learning and Working Environment.

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Being a Motivating Factor to Innovative Minds

It's not about just sharing experience, but more than that. Being a motivational speaker for the trainees, Giving Back to them, Listening to their interest areas and passion to achieve their goals, creating a relevant career mindset along with the milestone settings will be part of your duty in this 1:1 session.

The Good For You Here


A Noble Gesture

This is all about a moment of pride to showcase your skills and help students to grow up in their career life.



You will be incentivized for the contribution you made. You get paid once your recommended trainee gets placed.


Effective Learning

Learning Journey is a 2 way process.

Your experience allow students explore and their feedback boost your confidence

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Networking & Connections

With SoAI, connect with the professionals from diverse sets of industry and enhance your network of experts.

Take a Walk to What Our Existing Mentors have to Say

Khitij garg.jfif

Kshitij Garg


"An Amazing Platform to share the relevant skills and extensive experience in the field with the mentees and recommending hard and young professionals in the leading organizations feels good. If Someone achieves their dream with my help, it's a proud feeling."

Mayank Singh.jfif

Mayank Barsainya


"It feels great to be associated with Society of AI as Mentor and share industry related trends with the upcoming entrepreneurs."


Bhaskar singh bisht.jfif

Bhaskar Singh Bisht


"It's true to say that Giving Back to Community is a matter of Concern and Moment of Pride, where Society of AI has given me the opportunity to contribute and share my knowledge and skills with the mentees."


Jyotiraditya Yadav.jfif

Jyotiraditya Yadav

"It feels good to share the experience with the mentees and prepare them for Job in the same field. A wonderful feeling to let them achieve their dreams."


Ankit gupta.jfif

Ankit Gupta

"Being associated with Society of AI as a mentor is like fulfilling the community serving responsibilities. Assisting mentees in being Job Ready as per the skills what we as an experienced employee looking for is like bridging the gap between two."


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