Data Science Curriculum
1. HTML, CSS & Bootstrap
  • HTML Syntax

  1. Understanding different tags like <HTML>, <HEAD>, <BODY​>

  2. Working with Ordered, Unordered list, Hyperlinks

  3. Adding images, buttons, paragraph,      div tags

  4. Creating tables

  • CSS Syntax

  1. Defining external, inline style sheets​

  2. Defining separate styles using id and class tags

  3. Using properties like text alignment, headings, colors, margins

  • Bootstrap 

  1. Loading bootstrap style sheet dynamically

  2. Using Navbars, Forms, Modals

  3. Working with Cards, Flexbox Image Overlays​

2. Javascript, Jquery, Ajax
  • JavaScript

  1. Defining variables, Data types, Conditional statements, Arrays

  2. Working with functions and classes.

  • jQuery

  1. Manipulating HTML elements using DOM selectors

  2. Downloading data dynamically from the internet

  • AJAX 

  1. Using AJAX with jQuery

  2. Making an API calls to the data with callback functions

  3. Using fetch method.

3. Python
  • Defining variables, datatypes, performing input/output operations

  • Using conditional, looping statements

  • Creating/Using List, Tuples, Dictionary and working with lambda functions

  • Using Functions and classes

4. SQL, No SQL
  • ​SQL​

  1. Understanding the basic sql structure

  2. Defining queries into sql database

  3. Using Where, Order by, Group by clauses

  4. Attaching SQLite with Python

  • No SQL

  1. Understanding no sql structure

  2. Understanding MongoDB

  3. Working with documents

  4. Attaching MongoDB with Python

5. Flask
  • Using Flask to create our own local server

  • Connecting flask application with SQLite

  • Creating a SQLAlchemy module and making a GET, POST request Testing API using POSTMAN

6. Django
  • Creating Models, views

  • Connecting flask application with Database

  • Uploading images

  • Managing admin panel Testing

  • API using POSTMAN