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Curriculum is Designed to make you a Tech Professional
Be the Master in App Development with Society of AI, Be The Future!
1. Starting with Flutter
  • Setting up flutter with Android Studio.

  • Understand Flutter widget tree and pre made widget for interface.

  • Incorporate image and text widget.

  • Incorporate flutter icons for Android and IOS.

  • Incorporate explict icons and image assets.

2. Creating UI with Flutter
  • Introduction to bulid method.

  • Creating multiple widgets and its incorporation.

  • Use the pubspec.yml file to incorporate dependencies,custom assets and fonts

  • Use of layout widgets such as columns, Rows, Container, Cards Button, Text field, Forms and others etc.

3. Building Apps with state
  • Understand the differences between stateful and stateless widget and when they should each be used.

  • Understand how callbacks can be used defect user interaction in buttons widgets.

  • Understand the declarative style of UI programming and how flutter widgets react to state changes.

  • Learn to import dart libraries to incorporate additional functionality.

  • Learn about how variable, data types and functions work in Dart 03 Structuring Flutter

  • Apps Build flexible layouts using the flutter expanded widget.

  • Understand the relationship between setstate.state objects and stateful widget.

Discover your Future in Data Science and AI
1. Programming with Python.
  • Declaring, using variables, Data types.

  • Input/Output, Type conversion.

  • Conditional, Loop statements. List, Tuple, Set & Dictionary.

  • Creating/Using Functions & Classes.

  • Creating connection between databases.

                  <SQLite (SQL)>

                  <Mongo (No-SQL>

  • Exercise questions for more practice.

2. Data Analysis in Python
  • Importing & Reading your data

  • Getting & Knowing your data.

  • Filtering & Sorting of data

  • Grouping data

  • Working on Multi Index data.

  • Joins, Comparisons. Getting statistics from your data.

  • Exercise datasets for more practice.

3. Building Apps with state
  • Displaying data’s distribution

                <Histograms, Bar Charts>

                <Line Chart, Stacked Bar Chart>

  • Plotting correlations or heat map                             <Scattered Chart>                                             <Heat maps, Pair Plot, Facets>

  • Saving figures for Storytelling

  • Exercise datasets for more practice.

Thinking of Full Stack Developer as a Career?
1. HTML, CSS & Bootstrap
  • HTML Syntax

  1. Understanding different tags like <HTML>, <HEAD>, <BODY​>

  2. Working with Ordered, Unordered list, Hyperlinks

  3. Adding images, buttons, paragraph,      div tags

  4. Creating tables

  • CSS Syntax

  1. Defining external, inline style sheets​

  2. Defining separate styles using id and class tags

  3. Using properties like text alignment, headings, colors, margins

  • Bootstrap 

  1. Loading bootstrap style sheet dynamically

  2. Using Navbars, Forms, Modals

  3. Working with Cards, Flexbox Image Overlays​

2. Javascript, Jquery, Ajax
  • JavaScript

  1. Defining variables, Data types, Conditional statements, Arrays

  2. Working with functions and classes.

  • jQuery

  1. Manipulating HTML elements using DOM selectors

  2. Downloading data dynamically from the internet

  • AJAX 

  1. Using AJAX with jQuery

  2. Making an API calls to the data with callback functions

  3. Using fetch method.

3. Python
  • Defining variables, datatypes, performing input/output operations

  • Using conditional, looping statements

  • Creating/Using List, Tuples, Dictionary and working with lambda functions

  • Using Functions and classes

Learning is a never ending process. Let’s Talk & Walk with our previous trainees here,
Sharing their reviews that aid you in making a Right Decision.
Mayank Patidar.jfif

Mayank Patidar

The course was pretty good, the codes are latest and many things that mentors provided and made us learn about. They are not only focused on coding part but also launching it, which is commendable

Shakti Dhar.jfif

Shakti Dhar

The overall course was very helpful, all the staff members and the trainer helped and mentored us in every possible way, they could do, to extract the best of us. Our concepts get cleared with the course..An amazing place to learn


Mayank Banerjee

The entire course goes smoothly and personally I feel it as the right course one must go for with Society of AI as the faculty guides and mentors you in each and every step of the curriculum

Read More
Jatin Ramchandani.jfif

Jatin Ramchandani

I thank Society of AI for this wonderful training program. It enhances my skills in App development for android and IOS as well. It is very well structured and designed clearly to teach the entire app development from planning to its marketing.

Ajit Ravi.jfif

Ajith Ravi

If you want to do your training in Data Science, then this is the only place which you can catch for. Trainer has good practical knowledge and is focused in providing practical training and concept clearing with real life scenarios.


Amit Kumar Singh

I am extremely impressed by the quality of the course and the way the program is delivered efficiently and effectively. The lessons go straight to point to the learner

Read More
Hrishil Shah.jfif

Hrishil Shah

This is one of the best training program I have attended so far. The minutes concepts are been cleared and taught so well with real life business scenarios, which literally boost up your skills in app development and makes you a master in this field.

Nikhil Patel.jfif

Nikhil Patel

It was an amazing experience. Our trainer was very assisting and helped us a lot in understanding various concepts of Data Science and cleared all the doubts in each and every phase. They create industrial environment in a great set up


Nikhil Tripathi

The best thing about the trainer is that they take the responsibility of everything and reduces your task to learning only. They explain every topic effectively, solve each doubt and always ready to assist.

Read More

Smaraki Bhaktisudha

I enjoyed learning with SoAI Professionals as they teach each and every concept, be it technical or analytical with clear understanding and in simple form. A best App development training for the beginners and professionals as well. The faculty is really engaging



The best thing about the trainer is that they take the responsibility of everything and reduces your task to learning only. They explain every topic effectively, solve each doubt and always ready to assist.

Read More

Sneha Verma

The curriculum is rightly designed, clearing all the concepts like SQL, Python and ORM etc. Literally, had a good exposure in front end and back end development. For the trainers, I would say they are the real career assistance

Read More
Our Tutoring Squad, realises your potential & prepare you accordingly
Our faculty understands the ability and skills that an individual comes with, based on their potential, they train them considering customized real time market trends and live projects along with mock interviews and placement assistance
Gurjas Singh.jpeg

Gurjas Singh

  • Working as a Technical Training Consultant for Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning using Python, Android.

  • Officially certified by IBM (Data Scientist), Microsoft (Power BI).

  • Internationally Accredited Trainer for the Data Science & Android Technologies

Anurag Mishra.jpeg

Anurag Mishra

  • In association with Docty, BizLence, Unnanth Technologies and ITCombine

  • Creating base for the project and look after different phases like development, maintenance, and support

  • Manage team of PHP/Angular developers and trainees.

  • Providing solutions as per requirement and responsible for the implementation of features/modules.

Shariq Rehman Khan.jfif

Shariq Ahmed Khan

  • Worked with Industrial giants like EY

  • Competency : Cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine learning, Go, Python

  • Corporate Clients: HPE, Cummins (via Microsoft), Valuemomentum 

  • Multiple cloud trainings covering AZ 900, AZ100, AI 900, AI 100, AZ 104, AZ 400 and course Microsoft courses 20745B, 20533E, 400T00A

Rahul singh.jfif

Rahul Singh

  • Technical Trainer with Expertise in Data Scientist, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Engineering,  ETL , Python

  • Also Associated with Infosys as Technical Analyst

  • Assisted trainees in competency mapping and directing them in the career related decisions.

Dharna Ahuja.jfif

Anurag Mishra

  • Experienced Technical Trainer

  • Skilled in Python, Data Science, django, tkinter, Bootstrap, Jquery, Spring, Hibernate,Spring Boot

  • Endorsed for PostgreSQL, Nodejs.

  • Extensive Experience in Providing training to people of all ages from different parts of the world like the USA,UAE,UK.

  • Worked on Projects like E-Voting System, Banking Management System, Travel and Education Industry

Our Mentors will assist you with your Career Path & Interview Preparation
1:1 Mentorship sessions are held twice a month. Our Mentors counsel thousands of students in choosing the right career path and setting milestones directing them towards great height.
Khitij garg.jfif

Kshitij Garg

Mayank Singh.jfif

Mayank Barsainya

Bhaskar singh bisht.jfif

Bhaskar Singh Bisht

Jyotiraditya Yadav.jfif

Jyotiraditya Yadav

Ankit gupta.jfif

Ankit Gupta


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